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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 15, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> good morning 2000. it's sunday, march 15th. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. lisa argen is also off today. we will send it over to frances dinglasan. she is tracking the weather. it's great to have you here to morning. >> thanks. live doppler 7hd showing a lot of cloud cover over the bay area right now. record highs yesterday. this morning it's been so filed. check out temperatures right now. mountain view, 72. a lot of 60s early as well. normally for this time of the year, it is still winter, after all, we see 40s for the overnight lows. we only saw 50s and 60s this morning. we will warm up and get filtered sunshine this afternoon. another nice, mild day around the bay but temperatures will only be warming up to the mid-70s, maybe upper 70s in
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some of the inland areas. i'll have the complete accuweather seven-day forecast bus there there is a slight cool down works an onshore flow returning. chris. >> thank you. this morning chp investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of a traffic collision in the east bay this led to a deadly pileup this killed one person, and injured six others, one critically. at least 16 cars, eight in each collision, were involved in the accident that slowed traffic to a crawl in alameda county in livermore. lisa amin gulezian has the latest. >> it was pretty comic. they were getting calls of 15, 16 vehicles. >> this is what emergency crews rolled up to. mangled metal. cars piled up on top of each other and broken glass spilled across the highway. it started when a few cars rear-ended each other east of the north flynn road exit. no one was seriously hurt, but then the backup started and that's when the real trouble began.
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>> when my car hit, i see the whole back broken off, and then, oh, wow, we just kind of panic and jump out. >> one by one the cars piled up again. this time the damage was worse. >> we have about seven vehicles in this collision. we have one fatality, one critical injury that was life flighted, and five other just minor injuries. >> the man in the truck died at the scene. medics tried to revive him, but couldn't. his passenger was airlifted to a medical center and the others were taken to hospitals in stockton and tracy. emergency responders admit the heavy traffic held them up as well. >> it was very difficult to get here. once we got here and we realized it was multiple vehicles, it wasn't just it 3 or 4. we saw 8 here and 8 below. >> investigators blamed speed and inattentive drivers for the chain reaction. in livermore, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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a contra costa sheriffs deputy likely saved dozens of teenagers when he noticed their tour bus was on fire. the deputy saw fire come from the bus at walnut creek around 8:30 last night. he made sure everyone got out safely. the sheriff's department said the kids were from out-of-state and on a field trip. seven students were taken to the hospital to check out for months possible smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. >> san jose fire officials say faulty wiring may be to blame on a fire displacing two people. a neighbor caught these flames leaping from the house on rose creek drive on his cell phone. the fire again at 9:00 last night and out about 30 miles later. firefighters managed to keep the flames contained to the attic. but the roof still collapsed. no injuries were reported but the damage was pretty extensive. the two residents of the home will be staying with relatives 9:04 is our time.
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four san francisco police officers are under investigation for racist and homophobic text messages that the chief calls disgraceful. court documents show the messages are full of slurs particularly against black hispanic and gay people. the text was released during a bail hearing." the public defender is calling for an independent investigation. >> we are going to have to look at all the cases that these officers were involved in. one of the things we are entitled to under the law is evidence of racial bias. that's when a police officer it -- test guys. it could have wide ranging effects on our case, as well as the criminal justice system. >> the chief said he reassigned all four officers to positions with no public contact. the chief said he will seek , quote, nothing less than termination for conduct and character incompatible with
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being a police officer." bay area native and seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch was caught on video trying to break up a fight outside a nightclub on friday. this is lynch on the baseball cap on a sidewalk in front of infusion lounge on ellis street. a man with lynch got into a fight with a heckler who called lynch a seahawk chicken. lynch then left the scene. the running back grew up in oakland and starred at cal. a 41-year-old man was rushed to a hospital, but died friday night. the police were trying to serve him with a search warrant. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana spoke with family members held in his memory. >> why did you have to do that to him? >> friends and family of 41-year-old jimenez led people to the candle light vigil to the spot where he was shot by police. his mother and sister say this wasn't the first time police had been to their home. >> they had been there a couple
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weeks before? >> yes, and found nothing. >> and found nothing. >> and they came back again? >> and found nothing. >> following the shooting napa police chief steve potter immediately expressed remorse that officers shot someone. >> for us the incidents are always tragic. it didn't matter who the individual is who is involved in it. we don't like to see the loss of life. >> police were serving a search warrant at jimenez's home for drugs and gun. officers say when he crashed his vehicle, an officer saw a handgun on him. they believe he was about to reach for it. one policeman fired three times. they say a handgun was found on scene. his family and friends say he did have several run-ins with the law, but he wasn't a bad person and always had time for his nieces and nephews. >> i wouldn't be as athletic and who i am if it wasn't for him. >> the fatal shooting is being investigated by the napa sheriff's department. the napa valley police officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave.
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in napa, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> new details on the teenager who was severely beaten at the westfield valley maul in san jose. we spoke to the father of 17 year old christian rasner last night. he said christian is showing improvement. christian has been in a medically-induced coma since wednesday. two men attacked him in the bank of america parking lot apparently for no reason. officers say they have surveillance photos of the suspects from inside the maul, but the images have not been released. >> dozens gathered yesterday to celebrate the life of a mother who was shot and killed while protecting her kids from gunfire. family and friends came out to remember her and condemn weapons and violence. the 34-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire in front of her home. that was monday afternoon. 19-year-old anthony sims has been charged with her murder. oakland police are searching for additional suspects. >> more information this morgue about a whom who sneaked on to a
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runway at sfo. the incident happened last week. the woman slipped past the gate arm at a vehicle checkpoint to reach the cargo area which is on the opposite side from passenger terminals. the police say the woman waved her arms at a plane. she's actually homeless and is living in a shelter when she tried to stow away, as she said to get back to her nature i have guatemala. the airport security say their security worked because she was able to not gain access. >> the city's homeless problem the mayor said will be addressed, particularly on the east side. >> as manufacturing continues, we can do more to grab san jose's share. we've reached out to manufacturers, brokers and industry experts to enable tech manufacturers to overcome the challenges they experience in finding sites, space and skills
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to grow here. >> yesterday's speech was held at a school gym on a weekend so more people could attend than in years past. the event also featured performances by local artists and students, and a job fair. also a city resource area. >> here's a live look outside from our east bay hills camera this morning. cloudy skies. you can see the camera is shaking a little bit. we will check in with frances dinglasan in a little business with the
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>> time now is 9:13. good morning to our friends in the north bay and all throughout the viewing area. we are taking a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. the cloud cover in play right now. the sun trying to sneak through on this sunday morning. we will have a check of the forecast coming up. new this morning dramatic pictures from indonesia shows the aftermath of a mid-air crash of two planes. it happened in a practice session of an indonesian air team. they clipped wings, burse into flames and crashed. all four pilots were safe. no serious injuries reported on
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the ground bue a house caught fire. they were practicing for a airshow on tuesday in malaysia. in paris this morning an emotional reopening of the kosher supermarket where four hostages were killed in january. a big crowd came out to stock up on kosher items for passover next month. pictures of the four are still draped over barricades in front of the thousands of flowers that people have bought. carnage happened just two days after twelve people were killed in an attack on the charlie ebdo newspaper. warriors coach steveker responded to some fans that were disappointed he sat his starting lineup in denver against the nuggets.
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one family drove from south dakota to the mile high city and spent a lot of money on tickets to see their favorite players play. he says he feels sorry for the people, but he has to prepare the team for the playoffs. and san antonio has done the same thing for years. last night the warriors returned home against the knicks and didn't rest any of their starters there. >> weather-wise, we are looking at another warm day across the bay, frances. >> that's right. it's going to be gorgeous with some filtered sunshine. check out the live view from mt. tam. notice the coastal clouds. the on shore flow returns. i'll let you know what that does for temperatures today. >> thank you. also ahead, the new options for a. c. transit ride hears begin today on more than a dozen
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a.c. transit riders in the east bay have a lot more options to get around. agency is expanding its service on 17 east bay lines beginning today. lines 46 and 339 will run to the oakland zoo and the science center on saturdays and sundays. a couple lines will also run until midnight on saturdays in fremont.
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california could impose stronger water conservation measures. on tuesday the state water resources control board is expected to order statewide urban water agencies to limit outdoor watering. for many it would allow watering just two days a week and violators could be fined $500 a day. >> let's go to frances dinglasan now for the weather. i think carolyn and lisa took a good day to take off. >> yeah, i think they know something. it will be great to head over to the st. patrick's day celebration in dublin. live doppler 7hd showing lots of cloud cover. lots of clouds all over the bay area and that helped keep our overnight lows at mild numbers. we saw a lot of 50s and 60s earlier this morning when we normally are in the 40s for this time of year. a live shot from mt. tam shows you the onshore flow returning. and those are the coastal clouds right here. so that's going time packet our temperatures. not as farm today. our temperatures right now in
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san francisco, 60. oakland 63. san jose 66. and we have 59 in half moon bay. another live shot, just gorgeous from the exploratorium looking out toward the water and the by bridge and the high clouds again in the distance. look for 56 in santa rosa. it still feels a little mild out there, though. even though it's only in the upper 50s right now. napa and petaluma and mid-60s in fairfield and concord at 64 degrees. we are looking out toward the golden gate bridge. looks a little gray out there. we have high clouds. it does feel muggy this morning with relative humidity up in some locations. look for mild and dry conditions in the next seven days. here's what's going on. we have two areas of high pressure. and that's what brought us the record warmth yesterday. this front will start to bring some rain toward the bay area. but we might just get a chance of sprinkles late tonight into
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teams. mainly in the northernmost counties. it looks like the high pressure will weaken but it will still keep the rain at bay. and we will continue to see clouds throughout the day. so we will see some filtered sunshine by this afternoon. but with that onshore flow, temperatures will be coming down quite a bit compared to yesterday. reaching the upper 70s in 134 areas. san jose one of the warmer spots. 777 in liver warm. there's a beer and bacon festival in oakland today. t-shirts and shorts weather, 75. 72 in san francisco. you will definitely still need sunscreen and try to stay hydrated. a goodie to head to the beach with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. here's how warm it's been. even for today in san jose, the high is 79. we are still well above average of 67. we will see a slight cool-down for the beginning of the week, and then minor fluctuations into next weekend. yesterday's high in san jose was
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89. it's been outrageously warm. today will still be about 10 degrees above normal so the winter warmth will continue. it will cool a bit to st. patrick's day, and spring begins on friday. but it still is feeling like summer with all those 70s out there. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we also have more information at >> it's a great day to head outside and enjoy everything the area has to offer. the beer and bacon festival and the things going on in dublin. there's something for everyone. >> we should enjoy it and go out for a nice walk. >> frances, it's been nice working with us this morning. >> thanks, chris. >> the benefit for the ronald macdonald house at stanford. keep it
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they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. >> here are the numbers for the
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power ball drawing. wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million after a win in new york last night. and the $16 million super lotto plus draw numbers. 9:tornado watch is our time. a huge house party was held last night to benefit the ronald mcdonald house in stanford and help the critically ill children and families. it took place on the grounds where the largest of 337 ronald mcdonald's houses worldwide will be built. it will more than double the current facility with 67 new private guest rooms for families of kids being treated at lucille pakard children's hospital. tens of thousands were raised during an auction last night including a $25,000ed bid for a
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super bowl pack. pretty cool. >> record temperatures continuing but that's in southern california. low 90s in fresno los angeles and palm springs. >> too much. >> too hot for me. today is more comfortable. well above average. temperatures take a tumble by 10 or 15 degrees in some areas. high of 72 in san francisco, down from 84 yesterday. look for 76 in fremont. mild conditions, warm weather with a slight cool down for the beginning of the week to st. patrick's day. then looking steady through the weekend. >> much more comfortable today than yesterday. >> i think so. enjoy it. >> thanks. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. we're off a bit early because of nba basketball. abc7 news returns at 5:00 p.m. but the news continues now online on twitter on facebook and awful your mobile devices with our abc7 news
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